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Odell Theadford

Sins of the Father - Paperback

Sins of the Father - Paperback

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When Pastor Jaz Blackwell receives a letter with clues regarding his father's disappearance three decades ago he realizes that hidden secrets are about to come to light. Driven by a determination to uncover the truth Jaz joins forces with Mia, his police partner as they diligently follow every lead connected to the criminal organization that his father was investigating before mysteriously vanishing.

 However, it becomes clear that influential forces are determined to keep their activities concealed in the shadows. As Jaz and Mia delve deeper into their investigation they find themselves entangled in a web of corruption that reaches ranking individuals within law enforcement and government. Despite being at a disadvantage and facing unbelievable odds these unlikely allies embark on a quest for justice.

 Will Jaz ultimately uneil the mystery surrounding his father's fate? Will a dangerous criminal conspiracy shatter their hopes and dreams? Can the truth remain hidden indefinitely? As memories from the past resurface and present dangers escalate. Jaz navigates through desires for both justice and vengeance. This captivating story explores themes of truths, deception, and the potential for redemption.


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