Odell Theadford is an ordained minister and aspiring mystery writer currently living in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Dr. Marcia Theadford. Though Odell has been involved in ministry for over 35 years, spreading the gospel and transforming lives, he has recently pursued a passion for mystery writing.

He is drawing on his decades of experience working with people from all walks of life. His time providing counseling and facilitating workshops has given him deep insight into human nature and motivation – invaluable knowledge for crafting an intriguing whodunit.

He is dedicated to developing the complex characters and plot twists that exemplify the mystery genre. He finds fiction writing to be a creative outlet allowing him to explore new forms of storytelling.

Odell is devoted to honing his craft as an author. He spends hours each day writing and revising his manuscript, striving to perfect the pacing, clues, and revelations that keep readers guessing until the final pages. Though this is a new chapter in Odell’s life, he brings the same passion and dedication that had made him an inspiring minister.